Dairy Goats

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We currently have two milking goats that were born March of 2013. Erin has named them Pepper and Stud Muffin. Pepper is black with black and white pepper looking ears. She is a Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf mix. Stud Muffin got his name for just being our stud goat. He is a Nubian, Alpine mix. These are good milking breeds and hope to breed them in the future. We plan to use the milk not only for drinking but to make cheeses, soaps and ice creams!


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We just added two Chester White pigs to the farm in June of 2013. Like all animals on the farm they serve a purpose and we intend to breed our pigs before they go to market. Pigs are also a great way to make good fertilizer, by mixing in other organic matter (grass clippings, mulch ect) the pigs dig and root around in the soil in search of roots and earth worms to eat. The mixing of the matter and soil along with their waste all breaks down into great composted material to use on our plants for organic fertilizer.




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Coleman Farms has 11 wild chickens and 6 Layer chickens. We adopted the 11 wild chickens from our neighbors yard and let them run free on the property. They have become our bug patrol around the farm. Our laying chickens are 2 Black Australorp 2 Buff Orpington and 2 Golden sex which is a hybrid Rhode Island Red. Our laying chickens are also housed in our custom made chicken tractor. We use the tractor to push up and down our Coffee Tree rows to naturally fertilize, keep grass and weeds down and allow our chickens to be kept over new fresh ground.



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We currently have 8 hives and plan to grow to no more that 20 in the future. We manage our hives with organic practices and plan to keep everything we do natural to manage our bees. Our Honey is 100% Hawaiian, All Natural, Unheated, and Unfiltered. Straight from the hive to your bottle.