About Us


Coleman Farms Hawaii is located in Mountain View on the Big Island of Hawaii. Situated at 2000 feet elevation on 5 acres, on the Volcano slope of Mauna Loa. Coleman Farms Hawaii strives to produce the Highest quality Coffee, Tea and Honey that is 100% Hawaiian. We want people to know us and the high quality products we strive to produce. Started in 2013 by Josh at age 25 and Erin age 23, we started our family farm. With a baby on the way we are working hard to set our farm apart, to be self sustainable, produce quality products and to open our doors for more people learn and enjoy the hard work we have put into the farm.


Our Mission

Our mission is to produce Naturally grown Coffee, Tea and Honey, through sustainable practices. To educate the community around us and a far about natural farming techniques to empower others to grow and produce some of their own healthy and quality food.